DISCOVER: Omiya Hassan

It’s pretty common to come across accusations of the newer generations losing touch with cultural and artistic traditions, but more often than not, a lot of such creatives simply lack exposure in the current scene. One such talented artist is Omiya Hassan.

Currently pursuing her Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering in the United States, she was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. When solving mathematical problems and writing research papers take their toll, she dives into her creative world to unwind. She is a self-taught artist and a professionally trained vocal, majoring in Tagore music from Chhayanaut. On her Instagram page @illumiyati.h, she uploads artworks, illustrations and music covers under the pseudonym Illumiyati.

“I have been obsessing over the new Netflix series called street food : latin america edition created by the chef’s table producers. Been a huge fan of the chefs table series which made me realize that cooking was my happy place when in a grim mood. This new series showcasing the variation of street foods, the philosophy, history and cultural influences are just the perfect show I needed in this time. So had to do a small artzy stuff with it.”

Social media isn’t her only creative outlet though. Omiya also runs Miyabhai, which is a creative production house run by her friends and family. Miyabhai is dedicated to self-designed novelty goodies and artwork, all of which is made completely from scratch. Miyabhai identifies strongly with the culture and aesthetics of Bangladesh, with a particular focus on Bangla calligraphy. The brand strives to be original, affordable, accessible, and relatable to every Bangali, with stories of love, empowerment, courage, and a hint of nostalgia.

To find out more about Omiya and her brands, and how she continues to represent our local culture and heritage through her artworks, visit her Instagram page @illumiyati.h.

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