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The age of the internet has become well and truly part of the local society and culture for over a decade now. In this time, perhaps no other group of individuals have taken better advantage of it than Bangladesh’s community of freelancers. This includes professionals and artists ranging across a wide variety of skill sets.

Artists and musicians have taken this opportunity to put their talents on display in the boundless and open digital world. Nazifa Tabassum is one such musician who gained popularity on Facebook after having posted videos of her unique covers. She is skilled on multiple instruments, and pairs this skill with some video editing abilities to post videos where she makes it seem like it is a band where she plays all the different instruments at the same time. All this, combined with her singing prowess, has made her talents evident to all. In an online competition held by Miles bassist Shafin Ahmed to find a singer to collaborate with, she finished as one of the top 3 finalists, before pulling out due to personal commitments.



Volcano – Damien Rice cover

Posted by Nazifa Tabassum Puly on Saturday, May 16, 2020


Nazifa, or Puly as she is more commonly known, has played a wide range of instruments on her videos, including keyboards, guitars, ukulele, various types of flutes, all the while recording the various depths of vocals by herself. She also records the music by herself, and does all the mixing and mastering on her own as well, making her band a one-woman army effort.


On social media, Puly has focused on making cover videos of in both English and Bengali. She is also active as a live musician, performing at university events as well as commercial events. Before the world came to a halt in the year 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she was working on releasing her own tracks as an album in collaboration with guest musicians.

Puly’s work can be found on Facebook and YouTube by searching using her full name. In the coming months, anyone who listens to her work is bound to be enchanted to the point of joining us in pushing and encouraging her to finally complete her debut public releases!

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